Welcome to Empowered Health

Have you joined a gym but don’t go regularly?
Do you workout but have stopped seeing results?
Do you go on and off “diets” but still feel over/under weight?
Have you decided it’s truly time to change your health and appearance?

Genuine sustainable transformation of your health and appearance is possible and your body is looking forward to it.

Vigor, self-determination and becoming attractive to yourself have critical ripple effects throughout your life.

Learn current, real-life approaches, empowering you toward a healthy, vibrant life - naturally - with a genuinely attractive physique. The work I do concentrates on giving the key building blocks of exercise, nutrition, supplementation, behavior modification and long-term motivation.

There are three primary types of services I offer to those in the San Francisco Bay Area.

  • Personal Training - thorough, effective and engaging methods of aerobic, anaerobic and metabolic conditioning
  • Health Coaching - transform your health and appearance with comprehensive, engaging, enjoyable approaches
  • Sports Specific Conditioning - reach new levels in your chosen sports with programs tailored to your efforts

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